How to evaluate the best phishing simulation tool!

Arm Your Employees Against Phishing Attacks with Phishing simulation tool that empowers your employees to recognise phishing attacks.

Did you know?

Phishing attacks involve email domain spoofing.

Phishing attacks involve email domain spoofing.

Organizations suffer phishing attacks.

Organizations suffer phishing attacks.

Phishing Emails are opened by employees.

Phishing Emails are opened by employees.

In 2021, 83% of organizations reported phishing attacks, 8% more than the attacks reported in 2020. The number of unique phishing websites was estimated to be around 214,345 last year, and since the beginning of 2020, the number of phishing attacks has doubled. Roughly 90% of data breaches occur on account of phishing.

10 must-haves in any Phishing Simulation tool


Opt for tools that replicate genuine threats, ensuring accurate user responses and heightened vigilance.


Choose platforms offering a wide range of phishing templates, reflecting varying attack vectors for comprehensive training.


Prioritize tools allowing tailored simulations to mimic industry-specific threats and internal communication styles effectively.


Select tools with robust reporting mechanisms for in-depth insights, helping gauge vulnerabilities and track progress over time.


Optimize training efficiency by picking tools that seamlessly integrate with existing security awareness programs and learning systems.


Streamline testing processes with tools featuring automation, enabling frequent and consistent assessments across the organization.


Research and partner with reputable vendors known for delivering reliable, secure, and well-supported phishing simulation solutions.


Look for tools that allow flexible scenario creation to address evolving threat landscapes and specific user behaviors.


Opt for solutions that provide insights into current phishing trends, aiding proactive adjustments to your security strategy.


Prioritize tools with intuitive interfaces, simplifying setup, management, and assessment processes for all users.

Phishing Simulation Frequency & Best Practices

Conducting phishing simulations regularly is essential for maintaining a vigilant workforce.

Quarterly simulations strike a balance between maintaining awareness without overwhelming employees.

Implement a tiered approach, targeting different user levels with varying difficulty levels.

To ensure effectiveness, tailor simulations to mimic current threat trends and internal communication styles.

​Maintain an open feedback loop, encouraging employees to report suspicious emails for continuous improvment.

This system enhances efficiency, tracks progress, and identifies areas needing reinforcement.

Leverage a comprehensive platform that offers automation, diverse templates, and robust reporting.

We recommend PROGIST ProPHISH

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ProPHISH is a highly effective simulation-based platform to help identify, train and then assess the employees who are susceptible to targeted phishing attacks. Hence, strengthening the weakest link in your organization.

ProPHISH also addresses the need for tailor-made (personalized) interactive learning and awareness content and and a repository of awareness materials including videos, posters, newsletters that will cater to the security awareness needs of all organizations.


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