5 must have features in a Patch Management Solution

Diverse Patch Management Support | Agent Management | Software Discovery and Distribution

ITSM Integration | Vulnerability Scanner Integration

Why CISOs face challenges in Patch Management

Complexity of Infrastructure:

Proliferation of Vulnerabilities:

Compliance Pressures:

Limited Visibility:

JetPatch: The best patch management solution
for CISOs

Diverse Patch Management Support

Diverse Patch Management Support

Support for Windows, Linux, Unix, and macOS

Compatibility with a wide range of applications, ensuring comprehensive coverage across diverse IT environments.

Flexibility to handle patches for both proprietary and open source software , addressing the complexities of modern IT infrastructures.

Agent Management

Agent Management

Centralized deployment and configuration of agents across all endpoints, servers, and devices.

Real time monitoring and management of agent health and performance, ensuring uninterrupted patching operations.

Granular control over agent policies and settings, allowing administrators to enforce compliance standards and security protocols seamlessly.

Software Discovery and Distribution

Software Discovery and Distribution

Automated discovery of software assets through network scanning and inventory management tools.

Efficient distribution of patches to all identified endpoints, regardless of location or network configuration.

Integration with software deployment platforms for streamlined packaging and distribution of patches, minimizing downtime and disruptions.

ITSM Integration

ITSM Integration

Seamless integration with IT Service Management ( ITSM ) platforms, such as ServiceNow or BMC Remedy.

Automated incident ticketing and change management workflows, facilitating efficient resolution of patch related issues.

Synchronization of patching activities with existing ITSM processes, ensuring alignment with organizational policies and procedures.

Vulnerability Scanner Integration

Vulnerability Scanner Integration

Integration with leading vulnerability scanning tools , such as Qualys or Nessus, for continuous threat assessment.

Prioritization of patching based on vulnerability severity and exploitability, minimizing exposure to potential security risks.

Automated remediation workflows, enabling swift response to newly discovered vulnerabilities and emerging threats.

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