Prevent Phishing and Malware attacks happening through your browser.

Secure your Browser today!

Any device, any browser, anywhere

Prevent Zero-hour Phishing threats

Secure Web & Application access

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Delivers only safe content to endpoints

Highly scalable, enabling work from anywhere

Visibility and granular control, without slowing users down

How Remote Browser Isolation protects you!

Web Isolation

Document Isolation

Native User Experience

Native User Experience

Cloud Security Platform

Encrypted Traffic Management

User/Group Policy and Authentication


No! Menlo Security can work with any browser. As an extension or as a VPN plugin.

No! There is negligible impact, which the users will not even realise.

No! Videos will not lose their quality. Be it online meetings, video streaming, video production, video editing etc.

No! This will in fact make your existing tools even better. Menlo can specifically take care of the browser security and they can take care of the rest.

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